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The Laboratory of Soil Physics and Soil Hydrology(known as SPSH) within the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering at the the University of Tokyo includes instruction and research in various aspects of transport, distribution, and storage of water and solute in the soils.

The Laboratory of Soil Physics and Soil Hydrology at Univerisyt of Tokyo has been a world-leading program in education and research for over half a century. The SPSH Program is quite flexible, so a wide variety of student interests and backgrounds can be accommodated.

The objective of the doctoral program is to provide qualified individuals with the fundamental background required for careers in teaching and research, and for related positions involving research, development, and advanced management and planning in consulting organizations, industry, and government agencies. Cooperation with various departments and programs in the University provides a coordinated approach to the solution of complex environmental problems.


There are seven areas of study within the Department of Biological &Environmental Engineering that can be informally identified at the Introduction.The Soil Physics and Soil Hydrology course is listed below.





Many research projects covering a broad range of soil physics and soilhydrology have been conducted at the Laboratory of Soil Physics and SoilHydrology. A list of ongoing projects is given below. For moreinformation about current project, please contact the faculty memberslisted below.


More information of the members and their publication list is shown by clicking their names.


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